The Research Center in Business Sciences and Tourism – CICET-FCVC, is an independent non-profit research center, created by the Consuelo Vieira da Costa Foundation, with the main purpose of promoting and conducting applied research in the areas of Business Sciences, Hospitality Management, and Tourism.


    • To promote the development of applied research projects, in order to disseminate new knowledge, in close collaboration with the business community and in partnership with higher education institutions and other research-oriented entities duly accredited and evaluated in their respective areas of intervention;

    • To promote interdisciplinary dialogue and multidisciplinary studies in the scientific domains addressed by our different research areas;

    • To develop the exchange and scientific cooperation with similar institutions, namely through the participation in thematic research networks, national and international;

    • To promote investigation and support the activity developed by our researchers, integrating them in the proposed scientific areas;

    • To promote the dissemination of knowledge through the publication of books, book chapters, and papers in journals indexed in the main bibliographic bases, and of books and book chapters of a pedagogical nature;

    • To ensure the dissemination of the work conducted, not included in the previous paragraph, to the scientific community and the general public, through seminars, congresses, conference cycles, training courses and/or the publication of monographic editions and scientific journals.

    CICET-FCVC Ativities

    • Development and publication of scientific articles in international journals with indexation;

    • Development and publication of books and book chapters of a scientific nature;

    • Participation and communication of studies to the scientific community, in conferences and scientific events;

    • Development of technical reports, in cooperation with national and local entities;

    • Organizing and hosting of scientific events (conferences or workshops) in the areas of Business Science, Tourism and Management;

    • Editing and publishing of the European Journal of Applied Business and Management (EJABM).


    CICET-FCVC promotes the progress of scientific knowledge in the following areas:

    • Business Sciences
    • Tourism
    • Hospitality Management
    • Economics
    • Accounting and Finance

    Within these areas, CICET-FCVC also contributes to Applied Research, by conducting several studies in cooperation with national entities, namely:

    • Public/Audience Studies
    • Economic Impact Studies
    • Trademark and Brand Evaluation Studies

    Adress: Campus de Salazares, Rua de Salazares 842, 4149-002 Porto, Portugal.

    Contact: +351 229 768 136