Article 1 – Designation and Mission

  1. The Research Center in Business Sciences and Tourism, created by the Consuelo Vieira da Costa Foundation, hereinafter referred to as CICET – FCVC, is an independent non-profit research center.
  2. CICET – FCVC is fundamentally dedicated to the promotion and conduct of applied research in the areas of Business Sciences, Hospitality Management and Tourism, resulting in transversality with other areas.

 Article 2 – Object

The objective of CICET – FCVC is:

  1. To promote the development of applied research projects, in order to promote new knowledge, with pre-determined purposes or objectives, in close collaboration with the economic fabric and in partnership with higher education institutions and other entities dedicated to research, duly accredited and evaluated in their respective areas of intervention;
  2. To promote interdisciplinary dialogue and multidisciplinary studies in the scientific domains covered by the different research areas
  3. To develop scientific exchange and cooperation with similar institutions, namely through the participation in thematic research networks, both national and foreign;
    To promote the investigation and support the activity developed by researchers, integrating them in the established scientific areas;
  4. To promote the dissemination of knowledge through the publication of books, book chapters and papers in journals indexed in the main bibliographic bases, and of books and book chapters of a pedagogical nature; and
  5. To ensure the dissemination of the work carried out, not included in the previous paragraph, to the scientific community and the general public through seminars, congresses, conference cycles, training courses and/or the publication of monographic editions and scientific journals.  

Article 3 – Principles

The activity of CICET – FCVC is guided by the following principles:

  • Intra and inter-institutional cooperation;
  • Sound scientific practice
  • Excellence, equality and honesty
  • Ethics and responsibility
  • Dissemination of scientific results
  • Optimization of available resources
  • Freedom of research

Article 4 – Bodies

CICET – FCVC is composed of the following bodies:

  1. Scientific Committee;
  2. Scientific Coordinator
  3. Coordinating Committee;
  4. Executive Coordinator; and
  5. External Scientific Advisory Board.

Article 5 – Mandate

The period of mandate of the members appointed to the bodies is three years, and they may be renewed.

Article 6 – Appointment

  1. The Scientific Coordinator and the members of the Coordinating Committee are appointed by the Board of Directors of the Consuelo Vieira da Costa Foundation.
  2. The members of the External Evaluation Committee are nominated by the Scientific Committee, under proposal of the Scientific Coordinator.

Article 14 – Members of CICET–FCVC

  1. The Research Center is constituted of:
    – Integrated Members
    – Associate members
    – Collaborating members: Junior researchers and Research Fellows
  2. Integrated members are PhD researchers who, after admission under the terms of these regulation, propose to participate in the activities of CICET – FCVC on a permanent basis.
  3. Associate members are researchers of special scientific merit who, although integrated in other research units, maintain a strong connection with CICET – FCVC, namely through regular participation in common projects and co-authorship on scientific articles.
  4. Collaborating members are undergraduate, master and doctoral students, as follows:
    – Junior researchers – researchers supervised by integrated or associated members of CICET – FCVC for the entire duration of the research project, who are willing to collaborate without regularity in the activities of CICET – FCVC, provided that their scientific activity is articulated with the objectives set out in this regulation;
    – Research Fellows – researchers in projects financed by national or international organizations, in which integrated or associated members of CICET – FCVC participate.

Article 15 – Rights and Duties of the Members of CICET–FCVC

The rights of the members of CICET – FCVC are the following:

  1. To participate in the activities of CICET – FCVC;
  2. To benefit from the human, technical and financial means available;
  3. To propose to the Coordinating Commission the inclusion of new researchers, new projects and research areas;
  4. Propose the holding of extraordinary meetings of the Scientific Committee; and
  5. Being nominated for any position in CICET – FCVC, provided that they meet the specific conditions for that position.

The duties of the members of CICET – FCVC are the following:

  1. To contribute to the pursuit of the objectives of CICET – FCVC;
  2. To develop their activities with ethics, rigor, competence and commitment;
  3. Develop the research activity respecting the plans and the defined scientific policy;
  4. Collaborate in extension, dissemination and other tasks, whenever requested;
  5. Indicate CICET – FCVC as an affiliation in all the works carried out that result from their research activity; and
  6. To participate in meetings to which they are summoned;
  7. To observe and comply with the present Regulations.

Article 16 – Admission and Termination of Members

  1. The admission of new members (integrated, associated and collaborating) is the responsibility of the Scientific Committee, upon proposal by the Coordinating Commission.
  2. The status of integrated member ceases by decision of the Scientific Committee, upon proposal of the Coordinating Commission, based on non-compliance with the present Regulations or on activities contrary to the objectives of the Center.
  3. The status of associate member is extinguished:
    – with the end of participation in common projects, without prejudice to inclusion in a new project;
    – when no scientific articles are published in coauthorship with integrated members for a period longer than two years.
  4. The status of collaborating member is extinguished with the end of the projects that these members integrate, without prejudice to the inclusion in a new project.

Article 17 – Financial Resources

  1. The Research Center has the following funding sources:
    – Donations from the Consuelo Vieira da Costa Foundation;
    – Funding from the Foundation for Science and Technology;
    – Donations from other entities with which collaboration protocols are established;
    – Contracts, projects and other sources of funding.

Article 18 – Doubts, gaps and omissions

Doubts arising from the interpretation and application of the present Regulation, as well as its gaps and omissions, will be solved by the Coordinating Committee, with the Scientific Committee’s favorable opinion.

Article 19 – Entry into force

The present Regulation goes into effect on the date of its approval.